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Get an organisation to buy the shortest and easiest Chaguanas website to remember: Chaguanas.com and you'll get at least $100,000 as your sales commission.

Why "at least"?


Comparative Analysis
Qty Item Value How long will it last
One Small house in Lange Park, Chaguanas $2.5 million Assuming no flood or fire, 100 yrs
12 Cazabon paintings Prime Minister Rowley found in London $3 million As long as wall paintings last when curated
One Software program for 2 years for the Ministry of Health $4 million 2 years
One Top level domain name: Chaguanas.com less than $1 million Forever

If the organisation pays within 30 days after being invoiced, you'll get $150,000.

If the organisation pays within 15 days, you'll get $200,000.

If the organisation pays within one week, you'll get $250,000.

We're selling Chaguanas.com for UNDER $1 million ($990,000) and it comes with:

(1) a Citizen Attention Centre so all requests from the public can be made online

(2) an email server to create email addresses @chaguanas.com

(3) an online form to take requests to book venues

(4) a quick-start guide to make updating the website fast and easy from social media

On confirmation of your interest, we will remove this advertisement and email you an invoice.

To confirm your interest send an email to chaguanas@chaguanas.com stating the name of the organisation that will be buying.

It's that simple.

Call or whatsapp Aleem Khan on Tel: +1-868-798-1108 with any questions.